Le 22 opere illustrano gli Arcani maggiori dei Tarocchi, disegnati con i contenuti simbolici ed i principali colori riportati nei "Tarot" di Marsiglia, ma con una complessità grafica e cromatica originale. Ciascuna delle 22 grafiche è tirata digitalmente in soli 15 esemplari 40x30, rifinita manualmente con smalti oro, acrilico e pastelli, numerata e firmata.
Da questi disegni sono stati realizzati anche 178 mazzi di 22 carte in formato cm 9,2x15,1, (vedi fondo pagina) sempre in stampa digitale di alta qualità, ad oggi esasuriti (9-2018).
Per informazioni contattare l'autore.

The 22 works represent the Major Arcana of the Tarot, drawn with the symbolic content and the main colors shown in the "Tarot Marseilles", but with complex graphics and original shades. Each of the 22 graphics is printed digitally in just 15 specimens cm. 40x30, finished by hand with gold enamel, acrylic and pastels, numbered and signed.
From these drawings we made even 178 decks of 22 cards in size 9,2x15,1 cm, (see below) always in digital printing, today not disposable.
For information please contact the author.


il mattoil magola papessa

l'imperatricel'imperatoreil papa

l'innamoratoil carrola giustizia

l'eremitala ruota della fortunala forza

l'appesol'arcano senza nomela temperanza

il diavolola torrela stella

la lunail soleil giudizio

il mondo
Per impedire un utilizzo non autorizzato delle immagini i disegni sono qui riprodotti solo in piccola dimensione, che non illustra quindi la ricchezza dei particolari e la trama dei colori ottenuti elaborando cromaticamente texture di pergamene e altre.

il matto

----------------------"Il matto"----------------------

Gli arcani, le carte
Le carte

mostra arcani
Mostra del 2015 dedicata agli Arcani maggiori

Review by Medusawink
This spectacular Major Arcana by Roberto Viesi is a reimagining of the Tarot de Marseilles’ Major Arcana.
The artist has elected to maintain all the characteristics, shapes, symbols, and colours depicted in the classic Marseilles tarot - this preserves the integrity of the ‘expectations’ imbued in the cards.
The artwork is a unique style - a curious amalgam of quasi-Cubism, peasant art, and stained glass, which is nonetheless exquisite and deeply detailed. While the art is strongly influenced by the Marseilles deck it also less rustic, far more modern, smooth and deft.
The colours in this Arcana are subtle and serene without being weak or wishy-washy. The fine line work clearly delineates the images, and is continued in the beautifully textured details – the grass, trees, stones, wood grains, clouds, fur and feathers are all carefully depicted. Believe me when I say that no computer scan or reproduction can do justice to the fine details and delicate colouring in these cards.
Each image has its own individual border, tiny symbols, relevant to the main image i.e. The High Priestess image is bordered by tiny crescent moons and solar crosses; The Devil – tiny pentagrams and pitchforks; The Lovers - tiny hearts and arrows, and so forth. The titles, hand written, in Italian, are located at the bottom of the image, randomly placed; and the card numbers, Roman numerals, are at the top of the image, again in no specific position.
This is a 22 card deck – Major Arcana only. The cards measure 90 x 150 mm. The larger size cards optimises fine details in the artwork, without sacrificing one's ability to handle the cards easily.
The card stock is excellent – thin, flexible, low sheen – matte finish , smooth and satiny to the touch. Although the cards are oversized they are still relatively easy to handle, and shuffle smoothly.
The print quality is outstanding – clear and crisp. The palette is broad – glowing, subtle colours in the foregrounds, and delicately blended pastels in the backgrounds. The print on the back which simply looks like old stucco or worn plaster framing a blank space, is fully reversible.
The cards come in a plastic pocket with a Title card and End card; there are no instructions or guidebook. A brief paragraph on the back of the Title card, by the artist, explains the guiding principles behind the art. The End card has a list of the titles of the cards, in Italian.
This is a stunningly beautiful Major Arcana. With its sound symbolism and traditional foundation it is an excellent Arcana for both students and masters. It is also an artwork in and of itself, suitable for framing and/or display. If you can get your hands on this gorgeous deck then add it to your collection… It is a thing of rare beauty.


As I consider very interesting and worthy of respect and attention the symbolic value and, consequently, the recurrent symbolic colors in so-called "Tarot Marseilles", I drew my arcane taking into account, and remaining consistent, with few exceptions, only to this content and these colors. I didn't think it was right taking free creative, but I have just used my graphic style and my running technique, same characteristics also present in my paintings. So, at the expense of greater originality and aesthetic choices that could make it more fascinating designs, I have chosen for me the role of illustrator and divulgator instead of free creative artist. I don't care free reinterpretations of Arcana in circulation even though I appreciate the imagination and technical skill of those who created them. The original content of Marseille Arcana are already many, loads of meanings and historical references, philosophical, fantastic, you do not need to invent another or replace them arbitrarily with personal eccentricities, but we need to study them with curiosity and respect. (R. V.)